Head stock hardware

When I was done making the frame, I had a leftover piece of 4-by-4 of suitable length with which to fashion the head stock pulley. After drawing a circle on the end-grain for reference, I drilled a hole for a stop collar in one end of the pulley and drilled a hole to access the screw with an egg-beater drill. I then drilled a 5/8 hole with a No. 10 auger bit through the wood. I used my jack plane to shave off the corners so that the pulley could be easily turned into a cylinder at the end of this stage. That is, “turned” in the lathe meaning of the word!

Now, here’s where it didn’t go to plan…

I inserted the steel rod into the hole and it was, like with the wheel axle, a tight fit. I hammered in the rod but forgot to carve out the hole for the stop collar on the far side of the pulley. The rod fit so tight I couldn’t get it out! I figure if it is that tight then the stop collar wouldn’t be adding much, so I put the stop collar on the rod next to the pulley and carried on with the rest of the job.

The right-hand head stock support was a bit of leftover 2-by-4. It’s role is only to support the rod as the left-hand 4-by-4 will take the lateral load. I put both pieces together on the frame, made a hole on the 2-by-4 for a bearing, then drilled a 6/8′ hole through both posts.

When set up, the pulley’s rod was 1/8″ higher on the right-hand post making it a little tight. It wouldn’t spin very well like this. I don’t have a rasp to enlarge the hole, so I took a larger auger bit to the left-hand post to make the hole larger at its top. I started by pointing the bit at an upwards angle in the hole and bringing it to horizontal after taking a bit of a shaving. The bit jigged itself in and enlarged the hole.

Having a larger hole meant that I could position the pulley in the correct orientation and then the draw position of the final bearing onto the wood. The hole was chiselled out just like that for the flywheel.

[***See the completed treadle lathe in this video, and read the entire build series through this link***]


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