Tail stock hardware

The tail stock is just a 4-by-4 cut to fit between the lathe rails.

I was worried about how to get a Morse taper center into the tail stock. Luckily, I discoverd an amazing device – a 1″ outside diameter metal cylinder with a female #2MT drilled into it! Just the sort of adapter I need to make this lathe somewhat future-proof in terms of center options.

So just a 1″ hole bored into the tail stock was all it took. I found the center by tapping the tail stock body against the drive center in the head stock.

A second hole was bored into the tail stock where it meets the bottom of the lathe rails and then chiselled to accommodate the wedge. The wedge was just an offcut from another project. When tapped into place it holds the tail stock very firmly.

I picked up a live center from Amazon. I didn’t mention in the Head stock section that the drive center is a Shopsmith one that is set screwed to the 5/8 shaft. I got it from Joes bucket-o-rust and it fits and works exactly as I had hoped. The photo below shows a small piece of wood held between centers. Note the extra length of wood I glued to the tail stock to make it thick enough to house the Morse taper adaptor. A small hole is drilled from the back so I can tap out the adaptor if needs be.

[***See the completed treadle lathe in this video, and read the entire build series through this link***]


6 thoughts on “Tail stock hardware

  1. Excellent work in incorporating some modern hardware. This has been my biggest fault with vintage treadle lathes when compared with my modern electric lathe. Have you thought about incorporating the morse taper cylinder into the head stock as well so you can use modern drive centers and accessories? It would mean thickening up your outboard headstock pulley support, but could add a lot of functionality.

    • I never quite figured out how to drive a morse taper from the drive-shaft. But maybe this is where my lack of contemporary lathe know-how holds me back. Do you have an image or website to show how to achieve this? Either way, I will be writing a post next week concerning head-stock accessories that I think you will be interested in (pending a delivery). Watch this space!

  2. Where did you find the shaft machined for a morse taper? Either they don’t make many or I am not using the right terminology when I search for it.

  3. Hi Matt. Try the following search term on Google and/or on eBay:

    “2 morse taper socket -extension”

    I find that excluding the word ‘extension’ by having the minus sign before it prevents your search results getting clogged up with the wrong type of adapter. Let me know if this was helpful!

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