Sanding drum

treadle sanding drum

I don’t often sand anything as I generally finish with hand planes. But I do not have a spokeshave and sometimes I want to smooth the inside or outside of curved pieces. I initially bought a sanding drum set for use in a corded hand drill, but now I have the lathe, I thought I may as well create a sanding attachment!

Lee Valley sells an adapter that attaches to my 5/8″ shaft to a threaded rod. I will use this for the grinding wheel that I will talk about in a later post…

But Lee Valley also has a drill chuck that attaches to the rod. The website said they no longer stock it, but I called to ask where to find an equivalent chuck and they said they still had one or two in the warehouse!

So I fitted it to where my 5/8″ rod is exposed on the left hand side of the pulley and attached the sanding drums. There is a bit of wobble when it spins but it works pretty well! I’m glad yet another tool in the shop is human-powered.

I was thinking of making a platform so I could use the chuck as a stationary drill, but I thought that a horizontal drill might be a safety issue. That, and I like using an eggbeater…

[***See the completed treadle lathe in this video, and read the entire build series through this link***]


2 thoughts on “Sanding drum

  1. Nice additional use for the lathe. As for egg-beaters – they must be an acquired taste because I believe they are evil.
    I’ve used my mini lathe as a horizontal drill for boring out pen blanks. It just takes a simple platform that slides along the way. I don’t know who I stole the idea from but it was online years ago. It seems safe in use, I still have all of my fingers.

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