Creating castles

I won’t be documenting the turning of every piece, but I thought I’d run through the creation of the white castles. The main difference between the piece types are their final size and ornamentation. Their bodies are all hourglass shaped.

1) The blank is brought to a cylinder using a roughing gouge

2) A parting tool marks the top and bottom of the two castles. This is done before the piece is brought to its final diameter so any subsequent chip-out would be removed.

3) The tops and bases of the castles are gouged to diameter. Callipers are used to ensure the diameters are accurate and consistent between pieces.

4) The smallest diameter at the top of the neck is made using a spindle gouge.

5) The hourglass shape is made by rotating the spindle gouge towards the base and the top. A little sanding makes them smooth as silk.

6) After parting-off the pieces from each other and the waste using a saw, the stubby left-overs are chiselled off the bottom.

7) The piece is them put into a chuck so the turret can be hollowed out with a parting tool. The gaps in the turret are sawn out then cleaned up with a modeller’s file.

These two pieces took an evening to do! About 3 hours. I have the black and white back rows completed and now just need to get the pawns done.


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