Thoughts on progress

I’m sure we all, as woodworkers, have grown impatient when a project takes a little longer than we thought it would.

“I could probably build this lathe within the week!”. Yeah. Turns out…

Here is a list of all the shop time-sinks I can think of right now:

  • learning a new technique
  • sharpening
  • tool maintenance and oiling
  • repairing damage or errors
  • waiting for items to be mailed/trips to a store
  • redesign (the curse of trial and error…)
And, of course, I am not as fast at regular joinery as I would like to think.

But when the going gets long, and the end product slips further down the calendar, I remind myself of why I am doing this in the first place. It isn’t for a payment and it is not due to a demand for my furniture.

This is my escape and my chance to create. This is my man-cave of brawn and contemplation.

Heck, maybe I’ll even go a little slower and savour the shavings.

And all is well with the world.


One thought on “Thoughts on progress

  1. This is so true. I sometimes get in a rush myself then get frustrated that things aren’t going as fast as I would like. Then I remember why I am doing this in the first place. To enjoy and to create.

    Great blog. Look forward to more posts.

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