Leaning bedside table design

You know how it goes: you find two 4′ planks of oak at a yard sale for 50 cents and now you have to make something cool out of them.

Turns out we are in need of some bedside tables. Perfect! There are many interesting designs for tables out there (like these) but I thought I would build something along the lines of a leaning bookshelf that an old housemate used to have…

…but much smaller, of course, and with only two shelves – a lower one for books and an upper one for an alarm clock and lamp (and stray books, wallet, mugs, and many other things that should be put away somewhere else).

A design similar to what I am thinking about is this one…

Here the shelves are linked with sides to make it into a sort of box. I think I will go ahead and make one without the sides: the books will still be able to lean on the diagonal legs.


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