Leaning bedside table shelves

Once the frames were ready, dados were cut for the shelves. I wanted the style to match our bed frame, so the top shelf was placed 2″ from the top rail, and the lower shelf was placed half way down so there was enough room for the tallest of our books. The dado sides were sawn and the waste chiselled away.


The shelves have a friction fit so I decided not to glue them in: they can be removed easily for when we get around to moving house. The rails were planed so that they are in line with the frame and the undersides of the shelves are slightly chamfered to give them a softer look. The shelf corners were rounded using a saw and a file.


The completed tables given a once over with some 220 sand paper and then stained in an attempt to match the bed frame in colour as well as style. The stain didn’t quite match the bed in the end – I guess I can’t disguise oak as teak! Either way, the tables look cool and feel sturdy. Simple design and construction for an interesting piece of bedroom furniture.



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