Treadle grinder tool rest

A comment on my blog by Shannon Rogers highlighted my naivety when it came to grinding tools. Not having a tool rest on my grinder is a foolish omission. So I came up with a tool rest for my grinder made from a steel corner bracket. It is bolted to a wooden post with a wing-nut so the angle relative to the wheel can be easily changed. The post is screwed to the lathe’s rail rather than glued in case I discover an error in design or want to improve the rest in the future.

I used the rest to sharpen my roughing gouge – it is a major improvement! I’m probably the only person in the woodworking world ‘upgrading’ to a tool rest from not having one, given its simple construction and vital role in grinding. The treadle grinder is now safer and easier to use.

[***See the completed treadle lathe in this video, and read the entire build series through this link***]

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