Wooden pasta rack

You don’t need to be Italian to make your own pasta. Even those who fear making their own meal without the help of a microwave can do it.

I usually let freshly made pasta dry on the counter top, but came across an article by Steve Ramsey online about making a pasta drying rack (see here). I like it because it holds together mechanically meaning it can easily be broken down for storage. And these things are VERY difficult to find in the stores.

You can make it mostly from scraps. In this case, the pine base has a No. 16 auger bit hole in it (the number is x/16ths; e.g. a No. 16 creates a 16/16 [or 1″] hole) and the pine centre upright was turned with a friction-fit tenon to fit the base. The holes in the upright were bored with a No. 5 auger bit and I got some 5/16 poplar dowels to fit through. The 6 arms are made from three 2 foot dowels slotted through the holes. The last step is to drape pasta over the arms.


Note: fresh pasta is as easy as mixing water with flour to a consistency you can roll out on a counter top with a rolling pin. It only take a few minutes of kneading, a few minutes of rolling and by the time you have cut it to strips (knife/pasta cutter/pizza wheel) your water has boiled and you can even cook it straight away if you don’t want to wait for it to dry. If you have some in the fridge, an egg or two in the mix doesn’t hurt either. A good article about the process can be found here.


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