Side table top with dovetailed drawer

I made a dovetailed drawer (my first and only) before I started this blog and before I moved to Texas. It is cool because no glue was used in its construction – all mechanical joinery. And the drawer front hangs lower than the sides so it can be used as a handle. I like this because the front panel has a clean look, and it is a puzzle to figure out how to open the drawer for the first time!

I won’t say much about dovetailing technique: a really good online video about hand-cut dovetails can be found at The instructor, Robby Pederson, does a great job here. I tried my best to follow his advice.

I built a simple pine case to house the drawer (more dovetailing practice here…) using a strip of redwood between two pine boards to make the table top more interesting.

But that is where my inspiration ran out. The legs were my downfall. My initial design for the legs looked great in my sketches but looked awful in the dry-fitting. So the table sat unfinished for almost 6 months.

I will make some legs for it this week. The main design problem will be to figure out how to attach the legs to the main body of the table. I’ll give it a good thinking over…


3 thoughts on “Side table top with dovetailed drawer

  1. Yeah – so the drawer is completely encased? I like it, but unfortunately I have already gone ahead with a lap-jointed leg which I will post about later in the week. It looks a little weak though – your suggstion would be way more robust!

    Chances are I will be making something like this again in the future, so I will follow your suggestion next time for sure.

  2. One idea that came to mind is a cabinet you can see in The Cabinet Makers Notebook-Here Krenov sits his cabinet on the legs using a apron, that is connected to the legs vis bridle joints, its very light looking but sounds like your idea will be just fine. Nice work on the dovetails too.

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