Dovetail / lap joint legs

I had to figure out how to join legs to the side table top I made many months ago. Since the drawer and table top had been used for dovetail practice, I thought I would use a dovetail-shaped lap joint.

A quick note here: I went ahead with my leg installation hastily, and was unable to act on suggestions made on my last post. Both suggestions would probably have lead to a better design (a completely encased drawer or Krenov-style apron). I guess the take home message here is that a well thought out initial design trumps making it up as you go along…

So back to the story: I cut the legs out of the leftover pine I used for the rails of my treadle lathe. I also cut some small rails out of redwood to install between the legs.

Dovetail gaps were sawn into the table side and I used them to mark the corresponding shape onto the legs. The thickness of the table side was the depth of the tail. Then the rest of the material was sawn off to leave a large glue surface. I hope the pictures below help clarify my workflow…

The legs are very stable, even in a dry fitting. Even so, I want it to look stronger to the eye, so I will place rails between the legs. Maybe this weekend…

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