Necklace holder

I found a small piece of wood once when I was doing field work in the Valley of Fire in Nevada. It was a random find on a rock exposure far from habitation, so I put it in my bag and brought it home with me. I still have no idea what type of wood it is, but it is dark with tight grain and it looked wonderful once a hand plane had passed over it. That was years ago, but after a request for a necklace holder from my wife I fished it out from the scraps bin. After seeing some simple designs online (like this) we went to the hardware store and picked out some small drawer knobs…


The screws supplied with the knobs did not screw in all the way (designed for much thicker wood than the piece I had), so I used some strips of purple heart I had left from the chessboard to bulk up the stock where the holes were made. Lastly, some string was screwed to the top so the holder could be mounted to the wall.


Not too pretty from the back, but the front looks awesome, especially when the necklaces are hung from the knobs. This might have been the quickest project I have ever done. Thanks Nevada.



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