Chess Knights: Carving

The gallery above shows the transformation of a turned blank into a ‘carved’ chess knight. The first step was to chisel excess material away from the sides of the head. The horse’s muzzle was also tapered in to be narrower than the neck part.

I used my scale drawing to draw on the shape of the head with a pencil. The portion between the head and the chest was removed with a saw, as well as the top and back of the head. The cheeks of the horse were marked with a pencil. I chiseled to this line from the neck to give the head distinction from the body.

The ears were defined with a saw and the waste between them was chiseled away. A carving knife was used to soften all the edges and give the face a friendlier shape. The mouth is simply a saw cut and it gave the horse an unintended smile! The  head took some time to sand but one finished there were no chisel of knife marks to be seen.

3 coats of tung oil later, and with green felt glued to the base, the knights are on the chess board. They fit well with the character of the other chessmen. I’m glad I didn’t stick with the previous version of the knight.

Now if anyone has a spare hour or two; e4.


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