Quick small porch table: making the legs

We need a little table for our porch for when we are out reading on an evening and need somewhere to put our ice tea. Once again, I have one eye on reducing the scrap pine pile in the garage.

I usually start a project by sitting down and drawing ideas on paper, but the design for this table was on the fly based on the wood I picked off the shelf.

I wanted to have some curves in the little legs. Each of the legs link with a horizontal piece of wood upon which the top will rest. I drew the leg shapes in a board and cut them out with a jigsaw.  The legs are attached to the horizontal pieces with a simple glued lap joint.

The edges of the legs were rounded off with a spokeshave and the tops of the legs curve to horizontal as a result of some saw cuts and spokeshave smoothing. Lastly, I made some round stretchers out of some redwood scrap (on the shave horse) to strengthen the structure. They are connected to the legs via a round mortice.

The creation of the top will be shown in the following post.

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