The woodworkblogipedia

Occasionally I’ll find a woodworking blog I’ve not read before, rediscover one I’d forgotten about, or dive into the older posts of a blog I regularly read. There is so much wonderful information that can get buried and lost over the years. And I’ve sometimes spent hours sieving through blogs searching for that one specific article I presently need, but can’t remember the title (or sometimes even which blog it was in). Even searching ‘by category’ can involve clicking on the ‘see older posts’ button 20 or 30 times.

Woodworking bogs cover a lot of ground and are not confined to single topics (like only workbenches or only hand planes). They are, by definition, a time-line of a woodworker’s shop life. We can’t expect them to have the permanent structure of a static website.

The new page shown at the top of the screen is the Woodworkblogipedia. This my attempt to harness classic blog posts. It will grow and be refined over time. I hope this will be useful for my readers, too.


2 thoughts on “The woodworkblogipedia

  1. Wow thanks for the lathe link. Bob Easton has another lathe build, somewhat similar to yours though a different source plan.

  2. No worries – I enjoyed reading them! And there aren’t too many blogged spring pole builds out there (if you know of any more good ones, let me know).

    I’ve been following Bob’s build and will link to it when he is done, for sure. It is an improvement over mine in aesthetics and that it has a crank so the wheel can be located between the upright supports rather than directly next to the treadle. This will allow longer spindles without increasing the lathe’s footprint.

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