Roubo in a small space

My garage is small. So small I thought I would have to use my Black and Decker Workmate forever if I want to be able to park both cars in there. The workmate sticks out 29 inches at its base: maybe I can replace it with a real workbench if I make it narrow enough. And, man, I’d love a real workbench.

Chris Schwarz writes that 18″ is approximately a minimum depth before a bench becomes tippy, so I could reasonably make one 20″ deep, though the leg vise handle may stick out further than that.

I know the blogosphere needs another Roubo workbench series like TV needs another reality show, but blogging gives me motivation to make frequent progress and not cut corners. And I’ve already bought the wood…


4 thoughts on “Roubo in a small space

  1. Go for it! While mine is an English bench and not a Roubo, it is only 24″ wide which is very comfortable. Consider the frequency at which you’ll use the leg vice. They aren’t that hard to remove/reinstall; only about a minute. You could have a 24: bench, leave the vice stored under the bench until you need to use it and move a car outside while using it.

  2. I like the idea of removing the leg vise when not in use. So simple!

    Also Bob, I left a few comments about your treadle lathe but I can’t seem to get them posted. It looks awesome! I love the crank – that makes the design more compact and efficient.

  3. Do like I did. Kick both cars out of the garage and turn it into a man cave. Now I have the whole shop to myself. It was even part of the wife’s idea. Hehe…

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