Making a groove for the sliding deadman

On the underside of the benchtop, the top of the sliding deadman will slot into a groove. I marked out the groove to be 1″ thick based on the size of my chisel, and bored out most of the waste with a brace and bit.

On what will be the right hand side of the bench, I bored out a deeper section where the deadman can be inserted to clear the lower rail upon which it will slide. This way the top of the deadman will be flush with the benchtop, as opposed to having a clearance gap. Maybe I over thought this process and the entry mortise was more effort than it was worth. Time will tell.


5 thoughts on “Making a groove for the sliding deadman

  1. .
    I think you’ve got it about right. It looks fine to me.

    One thing occurs to me, though ….with a roughed finish from the augers at the base of the groove, you may find the dead-man board binds a little when sliding it along – a smoothed batten nailed in the base, coupled with smoothed sides will reduce unwanted friction. Plus you can use it to provide a little adjustment if there’s any side-ways wobble.

    Easier to do it now and be satisfied with the fit, than when the thing is built in and up-side-down!

    All best from Wales

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