Holes in the front legs

The bench will be located in a small two car garage which will also be the home of two cars. I’m worried that the leg vise on the left leg will stick out too much and be a danger to the vehicles, so it will be removed whilst the bench is not in use. I placed holdfast holes in the left leg for the times that I would appreciate some work-holding functionality without taking the time to screw in the vise.

The right and left legs have 3 holdfast holes, 7 inches apart. The left leg has a larger hole bored out with an expansion bit for the vise screw. The square part of the thread collar was marked and chiseled out of the rear of the leg.

The final hole is actually a notch. It is in the base of the left leg and will house the vise’s parallel guide. The sides were sawn with a rip saw and the waste removed with a chisel. The notch is a hair wider than the parallel guide stock to ensure smooth operation of the vise.


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