Vise chop and parallel guide

I made a mistake and the fir board I got for the vise chop is half an inch narrower than the leg. Instead of centering the board, I chose to place it flush with the inside of the leg. I bored out the hole for the vise screw first and screwed the handle assembly to the chop. I then threaded the screw into the leg and used the outline of the leg to mark where the chop needed to be trimmed to size.

The parallel guide is a strip of red oak with three lines of 5/16 holes in it. The metal pin will be the shaft of an old spade drill bit I picked up – it fits the holes nicely. The holes were counter sunk to help with the placement of the pin. A tenon was cut into the front of the guide to fit a mortise at the base of the vise chop. Wedges split from a scrap of oak were used to strengthen the joint.

Lastly, the vise chop was given a large 45 degree cut at the top so it won’t be damaged by any angled sawing, and was given a planed chamfer down the left side for decoration and to detract from the fact the chop is not flush to the leg down this side.


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