Handle for Roubo leg vise

Once again I’m making use of some oak salvaged from a neighbour’s tree! I’m getting quite a lot of mileage from it…

The handle for the Roubo leg vise is 10 inches long and just over an inch in diameter. I roughed out the stock on the shavehorse and then did a rough tuning to about 1 3/4 inch in diameter on the treadle lathe. This allowed for the creation of ball-shaped ends – a place the hand naturally wants to grab when using the handle. Once done, the remainder of the shaft was turned to the final diameter to fit through the hardware.

One of the ends was then sawn off so that the handle could be installed in the vise. I drilled holes in the shaft and sawn-off handle so they could be doweled back together.

It seams everyone on the internet is right that the Lee Valley vise screw is too finely threaded – it feels like a long time screwing the thing all the way in! But one it is in it works perfectly and looks brilliant.


5 thoughts on “Handle for Roubo leg vise

  1. Very cool. I have been thinking of building a workbench as well. This looks like it might be a good candidate. Is there a benefit to this style over others?


    • Hi Dave – it is definitely a wonderful bench! But it is the only one I have used, other than a WorkMate, so I can’t really make comparisons. As with a lot of benches, you can tailor the dimensions and components to your needs. The one BIG benefit of the Roubo is that you can find tonnes of information and blog-builds on the interwebs. You’d have less to read if you made another style, but that could be a blessing, too!

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