Completed Roubo workbench

complete roubo no vise

complete roubo with vise


10 thoughts on “Completed Roubo workbench

    • Works great! Need to figure out some bugs like some slop in the planing stop fit. It sure is nice to have such a large and sturdy surface compared to the WorkMate. Only just fits in the garage with the cars though…

  1. Your roubo is really great! Congrats! You did a fantastic job! Thank you for sharing. What finishing did you used? The legendary mixture from Chris? Boiled linseed oil + varnish + mineral spirit?

  2. I think the closer you can get your legs to the end of the table, the more stable and less tippy it will be (and more shelf space between the legs!). I left 13″ in case I ever wanted to install an end vice, but I don’t think I ever will at this point.

    Let me know how the bench turns out!

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