Designing a mid-century tv stand

tv stand sketch

We have a small front room. After purchasing some new chairs it seems I need to replace the tv stand I made with something that takes up less wall space so everything can fit.

The design brief is that it needs to blend with other mid-century pieces in our room and that it needs to be 4 feet long, 1 foot deep (due to the depth of the amplifier that will sit on the shelf) and 3 feet tall.

The stand will have a top and base board with a shelf in the middle. The design isn’t totally original. I borrowed heavily from ideas in the Herman Miller 1939 catalog. In this book there are some end tables that are essentially cabinets with one side missing. The support on the open side is a metal pole which looks awesome but I opted for a wooden equivalent for my stand. I also want to dovetail the top and base boards to the one solid side.oak panel glue up

I will be making the stand from white oak and staining the lumber darker to match other pieces in our room. I have already begun gluing 6 inch panels together to form the 1 foot wide boards needed.


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