Treadle lathe video: quarter of a million views

The play button on my treadle lathe YouTube video has been clicked 250,000 times. I didn’t see that coming.

The lathe gets a lot of use; I have built chessmen, tool handles, vise handles and have even tried turning some bowls from green wood. I use the grinding wheel to sharpen lathe tools and set primary bevels on chisels and plane irons. An important note is that the video was made before I included a tool rest for the grinding wheel (see this post). This turns out to be an important feature and one that should not be overlooked.

I’m glad so many people have found the machine interesting. Thanks for watching!

You can the series of blog posts about building the treadle lathe here.


4 thoughts on “Treadle lathe video: quarter of a million views

  1. I know a couple of those views are from me. It’s a great little video and your series of blog post on it, as well as other things, are great. Thanks for sharing on your blog.

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