The Woodworker (The Maker of Things)

A series of four films caught my attention recently; they are shorts by documentary maker Anne Hallowday about ‘The Makers of Things‘.

Based around the members of a model engineering society (SMEE) in the UK, the films take you behind the garage doors into the world of the tinkerer and creator.

The film style paints a very solitary portrait of the hobbyist, where removal from the white noise of life is part of the satisfaction. The isolation is only one end of the spectrum, however. It is brought into balance by meetings and gatherings with like minds – where ideas are shared and problems are solved.

It is interesting to me that many of the film’s subjects have little emotional tie with the objects they create; they are happy to move on from a project once their interest wains, whether it is finished or not. The products of their hands are truly amazing, yet it is the journey and the story behind them that are savored.

“Even if you are not making anything…it’s somewhere to tinker, somewhere to think about things”, the model engineer


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