Compact sharpening station

sharpening station open

I have very limited space in my garage shop. As there is no room for a permanent sharpening station, I decided to make a tray for my sharpening stones similar to this one seen on the Close Grain Blog. This container works equally well for oil stones, water stones or any other kind (ceramic, diamond, rolling, et cetera). Retrieving my sharpening equipment is a one step process which means I sharpen tools when they need it, as opposed to putting it off.

The sharpening tray is an oak board with chamfered undersides so it can be picked up easily. There is a boarder of thin oak to prevent the stone boxes from falling out and non-slip material to prevent the boxes sliding about during sharpening.

There is space for sharpening peripherals such as an angle guide, honing oil, compound and honing guide.

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