Treadle lathe build index

bowl on treadle lathejpg

For quick reference, here are the chapters of my treadle lathe build:

  1. Lathe literature
  2. Building the wheel
  3. Lathe frame
  4. Flywheel hardware
  5. Mounting the wheel
  6. Treadle
  7. Flywheel balancing and groove
  8. Head stock hardware
  9. Turning the pulley
  10. Tail stock hardware
  11. Tool rest
  12. Rope and treadle improvements
  13. Sanding drum
  14. Grinding wheel
  15. Video of the lathe (minus grinder tool rest)
  16. Chuck (for chessmen)
  17. Treadle grinder tool rest
  18. Leather belt

2 thoughts on “Treadle lathe build index

  1. Is this for the novice ? I do trial and error to most of what I do.
    How does one learn the right method for building a treadle wood lathe ???

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