Polishing vintage saw nuts

I received some old brass saw nuts and a medallion from Joe’s Used Tools and thought I’d pretty them up. I usually sand them in my hands, but thought I’d try chucking them in a hand drill to expedite things. The drill was clamped pointing upwards in a vise leaving two hands to hold the sandpaper and spin the drill.

I used 220 followed by 400 grit sandpaper and was pleased with the shiny result.

The nuts and medallion will be part of a saw-build that I am planning to work on perhaps early next year…


5 thoughts on “Polishing vintage saw nuts

  1. I do something similar but hold my egg better drill, chuck the nuts and medallion in it, and then polish them on the a folded shop towel on the bench loaded with Semichrome or a peice of Neverdull.

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