Straight razor stand

Straight razor stand

Straight razors are too beautiful to be kept in a case. They need to be on the counter standing proud next to the toothpaste.

This straight razor stand was a single-evening project using scrap walnut and white oak. The stand is essentially a base and upper shelf connected by a short vertical support. It can also hold double edge (DE) safety razors.

The oak shelf (same dimensions as the base) has notches sized to accommodate four straight razors and one shaving brush. The notches were first drilled at the back so they had a round end, and then the remainder of the waste was sawn out.

The oak base simply had chiseled-out hollows for the base of the razors to sit in. The hollows are directly below the shelf notches, but more towards the front of the stand so the razors lean back when placed in it. There is even a small hole drilled in the base to accommodate a styptic pencil.

The vertical support is made of walnut and has a tenon on each end that fit into through mortises on the base and shelf. It has to be tall enough for the shaving brush to be held clear above the base. The stand was treated to four coats of danish oil over four nights before its first use.

For those interested, two great sources of straight razor information are Straight Razor Place and Badger & Blade.

I also have a video to show how to sharpen a straight razor using oil stones on YouTube.

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