Respect to the Workmate


Ah, the Workmate. It is a little spindly thing. Standing next to my Roubo it looks underfed. I won’t miss the tiny surface area or its dance across the garage as I plane a board.

But this post is not a rant. No no. I want to reflect on the good times! The Workmate was perfect for apartment living where a large, fixed bench was not an option. It did its job and folded away at the end of every session. It held boards for dovetailing and mortising. It had limitations but nothing that couldn’t be overcome.

And the Workmate will live on in my tiny shop. Here is why:

  1. It can remain as a semi-permanent sharpening table.
  2. It has a lower height setting so can act as a saw horse.
  3. My saw vise is designed to fit in its jaws. In fact, the workmate will keep all metal-work tasks off the Roubo.
  4. It is the same height as the Roubo, so acts as a work surface extension.

Thanks Black and Decker.


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