Small wooden game

Some time ago, a housemate introduced me to a small puzzle-type board game. The aim is for two players to alternately place square and other shaped buildings on a 10 by 10 grid of squares. There are some rules (see this Wiki article), but generally the players are battling to get as many pieces on the board as possible.

I wanted to make the game myself because there are lots of elements of the design that are fun:

  • A frame and base – almost like a drawer with picture frame sides.
  • Pieces made from common components – allows for an aspect of mass-production during construction.
  • Use of contrasting wood types – maple and mahogany were used. Both are a pleasure to hand plane and shape.
  • Interlocking pieces like a jigsaw puzzle – takes time to fine-tune, but there was tremendous satisfaction when the game was ready.

The game pieces are fiddly to make and took some time to assemble. I can’t really blog about the process because of possible copyright infringement, but I show a picture of it above as proof of my time in the garage!


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