Roubo workbench build index

Roubo Workbench Trial and Error


For quick reference, here are the chapters of my Roubo workbench build:

  1. Roubo in a small space
  2. Roubo workbench references
  3. Lumber for Roubo workbench
  4. Roubo top preparation and glue-up
  5. Roubo leg tenons
  6. Roubo leg mortises
  7. Making a groove for the sliding deadman
  8. Leg stretchers
  9. Holes for the front legs
  10. Vise chop and parallel guide
  11. Base assembly and drawboring
  12. Planing stop
  13. Sliding deadman
  14. Handle for Roubo leg vise
  15. Flattening the top of the Roubo
  16. Completed Roubo workbench
  17. Shelf for Roubo workbench
  18. Dogs, dog holes and pseudo-crochet
  19. Respect to the WorkMate
  20. Roubo bench crochet

2 thoughts on “Roubo workbench build index

  1. Hello!
    I love the Roubo.
    I finished a Scandinavian bench two years ago, and now have been experiencing the itch to build another bench. I have resisted the siren song of the Roubo bench so far, but am succumbing now.
    I wonder if you might be willing to swap a few emails so I can pick your brain on your Roubo build. By the pictures, it seems you built your bench much the same way that I plan to build mine.
    You can reach me here (WordPress) I think, or directly at:

    Thanks and nice work!!!!

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