Lingerie chest: half-blind dovetails

I opted for half-blind dovetails to hold my dresser carcass together. This is my first attempt at half-blinds, so I used some of the online tutorials I have archived on my woodworkblogipedia page on dovetailing.  Those sites explain the process better than I can, so I won’t go into detail here.

Some steps I’d like to make a note of are the following:

  • To begin, a 1/4″ groove for the rear panel was made on all four boards using my shop-made groove plane. Tails then needed to be located over the groove.
  • I ‘gang sawed’ the tails on pairs of boards simultaneously. This was easier than I thought it would be, and it did save some time.
  • I used one of the tips given by Tim Rousseau on his YouTube video about using a sharpened card scraper as a blade to chop the side of the pins that the dovetail saw misses (because the saw-cuts are at a diagonal). It worked well. So well that I can’t imagine ever not using the technique.


4 thoughts on “Lingerie chest: half-blind dovetails

  1. I was taught to use a flat edge scraper years ago(40+) by my mentor.The sharp edge will possibly cause a split.As I said have used blount edge 40 years with on splits.Not that important just mentioned it.

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