Lingerie chest: drawer runners & rails

The runners and rails for the drawers to rest and slide on are quite a headache. Here’s what needs to be considered:

  1. Each drawer (except the bottom one in my case) needed two runners and two rails – that’s a lot of pieces to cut and plane to size.
  2. Be prepared for a mortise and tenon marathon! Each rail needed two tenons (to attach to the carcass) and two mortises (to accept the runners). The carcass sides needed mortises to accept the rails. Each runner needed two tenons.
  3. To accommodate expansion and contraction of the carcass sides, the tenons of the runners were not be glued to the rails.

Lastly, any bowing or inconsistency in board preparation of the carcass sides will make the installation of rails and runners more difficult. I found that one of my sides bowed slightly, meaning that the drawer opening was 1/8″ wider for the middle drawer than the top and bottom ones.

Now the carcass is complete, I’ll turn my attention to the drawers…

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