Bedside tables

modern bed side tables

Some time ago I had made some leaning bedside tables (see part 1part 2 and part 3 of the post for more information). They looked great, but their instability became evident when my toddler daughter started to grab onto them! It didn’t help that they were located on wooden floors as opposed to carpet.

So time for a safety retrofit. The idea here is a simple ‘kick stand’ that dovetails onto the bottom shelf of the table. The fit is tight so no glue was needed. The tables still disassemble so they pack flat (not that I’m moving anywhere, but they would make a great mass produced items). This addition means the table won’t slide onto the floor anymore if it has to cope with anything other than the weight of books (i.e. little people poking at it).

As an interesting side note, for fun, I removed the top shelf and sat on the bottom shelf – It is incredibly sturdy. So much so I am considering tinkering with the design ever so slightly to make it into a child’s chair. It just needs a bit of support for the back.

The picture below shows the original tables. The idea was great, but not very practical. I think the updated design in the image above shows that the improvement in stability doesn’t necessarily detract from the design.

finished tables

3 thoughts on “Bedside tables

  1. While I agree that the modification does not detract from the design (looks good), I’m wondering what other ideas you considered. I also like the idea of attaching this to the wall, either with french cleats or directly through the top cross piece. Great table design.

  2. I never thought of attaching it to the wall – but that would have been cool. A free standing unit does have the benefit of being moved around though.

    My only other design was to scrap the leaning frame and have two vertical frames with the shelves linking the two. But that would essentially be a redesign. Might do that for a future table (maybe a side table or stand).

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