The hand saw wish list

hand saws

I have been assembling a ‘nest’ of saws for some time now. It began when my Japanese Ryoba started loosing some teeth and I thought it would be better to build my western saw knowledge (explained in this post here). The following is a list of the saws I aimed to have in the tool cabinet (guided by articles such as this one by Chris Schwarz);

Length TPI Geometry Plate
Dovetail 10″ 14 rip 0.020″
Carcass 14″ 12 crosscut 0.025″
Tenon 16″ 10 rip 0.025″
Hand-saw 26″ 8 crosscut tapered
Hand-saw 28″ 5.5 rip tapered

My first saws were some large vintage Disstons for rough cutting lumber. This was a good place to start as the large teeth are easily seen with the naked eye – so much easier to sharpen than the small-teeth on dovetail saws.

I then picked up a Wenzloff dovetail saw for small work and, of course, some dovetailing.

An opportunity arose for me to assemble my own carcass saw from an old abused Disston D4 (see part 1 and part 2 of the blog post). I learned how to attach a handle to a saw plate and found a source for saw-spines (thanks to Ron Bontz).

So all that is left is a 16″ tenon saw.I gathered the parts from various sources and then made my own handle. In my next post I will talk about acquiring the saw components, fashioning a handle and assembling the saw. 

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