Preparing the Trestle Table Top

hand planes to flatten wide board

The top of my trestle table is made out of two 12″ wide boards of mahogany.

I cleaned up the rough boards with a Stanley 5 1/4 plane that I have converted to a pseudo-scrub plane (I cambered the iron and widened the mouth). I then neatened and squared one long edge of each piece to prepare for the glue-up. The ‘scrub’ was then used to surface the top’s underside using both a straight edge and winding sticks to assist with initial flattening.

My jointer was then used to knock off any high spots before my back-beveled No.3 was used for final smoothing. I say ‘final’, but the mahogany still doesn’t like to co-operate with my smoother, so I will have to sand to get the top ready for polishing. I flipped the top over to go through the same operations on the topside of the top. I used a marking gauge to ensure the top was a consistent thickness all the way around.


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