Trestle Table Skills

trestle communion table

There was some satisfaction when, after polishing the top successfully, I plugged in the castor wheels and attached the legs to the table top. The trestle table is done, and it is kinda sad in a way.

When working on a project for this long, every board of wood is familiar and every defect is known. This table is going to be used at our church, so it will be my first project that won’t stay in the house with me. Will anyone notice it is French polished if I am not there to tell them? Will they know the only glue is between the two boards in the table top?

Now to reflect on the table build, here is a list of the skills I worked on along the way.

  • Dealing with mahogany tear out
  • Draw-bored mortise and tenons
  • Wedged tenons
  • Breadboard ends
  • Installing castors
  • Tinted shellac finish
  • French polishing


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