Hand planes


Millers Falls planes (Old tool heaven)
Record planes (Record planes dotcom)
Stanley planes (Patrick’s blood and gore)
Stanley spokeshaves (Peter Robinson, Galoot central)


Plane tune-up (Chris Gochnour, Fine Woodworking on YouTube; start at 2:10)
Plane restoration (Major panic) 
Building a 36″ wooden jointer plane (Time tested tools)

Sharpening plane irons

General guidelines (Chris Schwarz, Lost art press blog)
Sharpening plane irons and chisels (PDF) (Chris Schwarz, Popular woodworking)

Specialised planes

Shop-made grooving planes (Bob Easton)
Molding plane basics (Hyperkitten)
Poor man’s router plane (Paul Sellers)
The perfect drawer bottom plane (MVFlaim)

Use and tips

9 ways to plane for longer periods (Chris Schwarz, Lost art press blog)
Hand planing 101 (Chris Gochnour)
Select the best bench plane for the job (Virginia toolworks)
Setting the blade in a wooden plane (Fine woodworking)

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