Hand saws

Choosing saws

A nest of saws (Chris Schwarz, Popular Woodworking)
Buying a Japanese saw (Giant Cypress)
Japanese saws (Ask woodman)
The saws you need (Chris Schwarz, Popular Woodworking)
What saws do I need? (The saw blog)


Disston Saws (The Disstonian Institute)
Disston saws and general hand saw information (Vintage Saws)

Saw bench

Traditional saw bench (Popular woodworking)

Saw making & Saw restoration

A pair of dovetail saws (Logan cabinet shoppe)
Install saw blade in folded back (videos) (Tools for working wood)
Making a new handle (Hand Tool Journey)
Making slotted brass backs (RayG, Woodworking Australia forum)
The backsaw project (Norse woodsmith)
Vintage saw restoration (Daryl Weir)


Building a Lie Nielsen saw vise (Close grain)
Elements of saw tooth design (PDF) (Tools for working wood)
Make a saw file handle in two minutes (Paul Sellers)
Re-toothing a saw (video) (Logan cabinet shoppe)
Saw filing: A beginner’s primer (Vintage Saws)
Sharpening a dovetail saw (video) (Chris Gochnour, Fine woodworking)
Shop-built saw vise (Dominic Greco, tgiag)
Understanding saw file sizes (Norse Woodsmith)
Understanding saw tooth geometry (The renaissance woodworker)

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