Lumber / timber

Lumber properties

Calculate wood shrinkage and expansion (Popular woodworking)
Color my world: Photos of hardwood boards (Tom’s workbench)
Comparing wood properties (Trial and Error woodworker)
Tree identification (Arbor Day Foundation)
Wood identification (The wood database)
Understanding wood grain and fiber development (Ian Kirby, Rockler)

Lumber store tips

A lumbering feeling (video) (Wood whisperer)
Convert linear to board feet (PDF) (Highland woodworking)
Going to the hardwood dealer (Billy’s little bench)
Relative hardwood prices (Trial and Error woodworker)

Stock preparation

A lesson in grain direction (video) (Jim Budlong, Fine woodworking)
Processing green applewood (Close grain)
Resaw by hand (The saw blog)
Resawing long lumber (Bob Easton)
Steam bending (PDF) (Veritas)
Wood bending (Tai Workshop)

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