Card scrapers

Preparing a cabinet scraper (In the woodshop)


A guide to honing and sharpening (Antique tools)
Sharpening plane irons and chisels (PDF) (Chris Schwarz, Popular woodworking)

Drill bits

Sharpening auger bits (Logan cabinet shoppe)


Hand cranked grinding (video) (Renaissance woodworker)

Hand planes

General guidelines (Chris Schwarz, Lost art press blog)
Sharpening plane irons and chisels (PDF) (Chris Schwarz, Popular woodworking)


Sharpening spoon (or hook) knives (video) (Rebel Bodger, YouTube)
Sharpening kitchen knives with oil stones (video) (Hall’s Pro Edge, YouTube)

Stones (water/oil)

Guide to honing and sharpening (Museum of woodworking tools)
Grit comparison chart (PDF) (Chris Schwarz)
Oil stones (Norse woodsmith)
Whetstone sharpening (PDF) (Adam Cheubini, Popular woodworking)


Building a Lie Nielsen saw vise (Close grain)
Elements of saw tooth design (PDF) (Tools for working wood)
Make a saw file handle in two minutes (Paul Sellers)
Re-toothing a saw (video) (Logan cabinet shoppe)
Saw filing: A beginner’s primer (Vintage Saws)
Sharpening a dovetail saw (video) (Chris Gochnour, Fine woodworking)

Straight Razors

Sharpening a straight razor with oil stones (video) (Trial and Error, YouTube)

Turning tools

Sharpening turning tools (video) (Brian Simmons, Woodworking online)



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