Videos, PDFs and podcasts


The highland woodworker (magazine-style show)
Logan cabinet shoppe (hand tool videos)
Matt’s basement workshop (general woodworking videos)
The renaissance woodworker (hand tool videos)
The wood whisperer (general woodworking videos)
The woodwright’s shop (historical woodworking shows) 
Woodworking online (hand and power tool tutorial videos)

PDFs / Libraries

Tool Manuals via Rose Antiques  (Alaska Woodworker)
Books and booklets (Toolemera)
Master’s library (WK fine tools)
Catalogs and manuals (WK fine tools)
Woodworking tips library (Highland woodworking)
Woodworks library (Evenfall studios)
Downloadable Plans (The Woodwright’s School)


Matt’s Basement workshop (spoken word blog posts)
Modern woodworkers association 
Fine woodworking: Shop talk live
Woodtalk online radio
360 with 360 woodworking

Newsletters online

Woodworking (Lee Valley)
Wood News Online (Highland woodworking)

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