Attaching a miter box to a workbench

I built my Roubo workbench with round dog holes along the front of the top. This allows for vise and clamping options, but I have also found I can pin various items to the bench that would otherwise move around during use. I’m sure I’m not the first.

I attached my Stanley miter box to a strip of plywood that I then ‘dogged’ to the bench. I simply clamped it to the bench-top in the desired location and drilled up into them with the brace through the pre-existing dog holes until the bit-screw poked through the wood. I then finished the holes by drilling down through the top.The dogs need to be flush with the plywood surface otherwise they impede the rotation of the miter box arm.

I usually place the box at the right hand side of the bench so it is out of the way: I can keep it out if I don’t need the entire length of the bench for other things. It is also set back from the very front edge of the bench because I’m scared it might tip over and fall.



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