Flea market bedan

I picked up some auger bits from a flea market seller. The cost was $9 but I only had a 10 and he had no change. So I asked for this chisel-like tool to call it a deal. I had no idea what it was for and assumed it was some sort of specialised chisel. I emailed Shannon Rogers to ask about it and he suggested it might be a bedan. This occured way before the lathe build, so I didn’t even know what a bedan was.

Now I have a lathe I am excited about it! The tool is ground incorrectly as far as I can tell. The grind is not square and so the end is diamond shaped. I used the grinding wheel to square-up the end and make the bevel 45 degrees. The first picture below shows the original grind and the sharpie marks of where I would grind down to. The grinding took almost an hour given I have a ‘fine’ stone (150 grit) – I’m glad I won’t be making a habit of regrinding tools! – but the results are good. I finished the sharpening on my water stones and the bedan seems to work well on the lathe.


2 thoughts on “Flea market bedan

  1. What you bought was not a bedan that had been ground by an idiot, but quite a different tool which should have a diamond or lozenge shape to the cutting face. Strictly speaking, the diamond shape is the non-cutting face, as the cut would be made with the point of the tool or (one or both) of the adjacent edges. The late Tom Walshaw (who wrote under the sobriquet of “Tubal Cain”) referred to such a tool in metal-turning use as a ‘graver’, whilst Axminster Tools still sell a 3/8″ version as a ‘Crown Splay Tool’ – see http://www.axminster.co.uk/crown-crown-splay-tool-prod23475/

    Still, you’ve now reground it as a bedan, so you should leave it like that.

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